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The Perfect Tweet [Biblical Definition of “Perfect”]

I was about to post a Tweet claiming “perfectionism is a sin” and “scripture doesn’t command us to be perfect”. I thought that sounded very reassuring, wise, and thought-provoking. Well, it turns out, the Bible commands us to be perfect! I thought, “what in the world is that supposed to mean?”

Of Planets and Prayers

Kepler, who described for us the laws of planetary motion, understood that his work in math and science was not a game. In numbers, shapes, and planets, he was dealing with the mind and creation of God. He was examining, discovering, and describing things God saw fit to breath into existence.

Newton’s Gift [Reading Journal 2022]

Given that I’ve recently begun teaching science and math, I thought it would be relevant to pick up Newton’s Gift by David Berlinski from my bookshelf. It is a short biographical work on Isaac Newton focusing on his intellectual contributions and pursuits.

Help Me Purchase Bible Study Software for Pastor

Jim mentioned to me recently that he’s been looking into Bible study software to aid in the efficiency of his ministry. Logos Bible Software seems to be the superior tool for his needs. I know the cost of that resource would be a burden to him and his wife, both of whom are retired. I…

Surprised by Hope by N.T. Wright [2022 Book Review]

My brother and I went through Surprised by Hope by N.T. Wright to celebrate Easter last year. The book is essentially a reminder (to some, a surprising revelation) that God’s plan for His people is not for us to float around as disembodied souls playing harps for eternity. His plan is to change everything, to…

How Do You Receive the Holy Spirit? [According to the Bible]

I looked at every use of the word “spirit” in the New Testament to doe examine every instance in which someone received the Holy Spirit and tally which of these additional elements above were present. I also examined every passage which taught about the Holy Spirit, especially looking for any passage teaching on what elements…

Preparing for Hard Times [Biblical Options for Christians]

Happiness is what happens based on our circumstances in this world. In contrast, joy is knowing God is in control. There is not necessarily happiness in all circumstances, but there can be joy within all circumstances. Christ taught that we would experience persecution, but whatever happens, God has made you to meet the challenge.

Are We Disobeying God When We Worry? [An Intro to Hermeneutics]

The apostle Paul commands his readers to “be anxious for nothing”. Whoa. Is that what he really means? The topic of this sermon is hermeneutics, which is a fancy word for “how to understand and apply a text”. The term is most often used in the context of the Christian Bible; however, you can apply…

5 Tips for Christians in College [How to Find Community]

It seems to me that most colleges, especially public colleges, are no friendly environment for Christians any longer. There are just too many contradictions between the Christian worldview and the secular, liberal worldview that is predominant in those institutions. So how can young Christians find a safe and healthy community to hang with when they…

Did God Make Joe Biden President?

How do Christians live in and respond to the world they live in but aren’t a part of spiritually? It’s God who puts governments and rulers in power, right? Does this mean President Joe Biden is in power because God gave him that power? If we disagree with the way our government is doing things,…

I’m Curious, What Now? Tips for the Religiously Curious.

In this interview I ask my long-time friend and mentor, Jim Shaul (whose sermons have been posted regularly on this site) to give his advice to someone who realizes they should give religion more serious consideration. For those folks, my hope is for them to stumble across this interview and come away with some options…

Mormon Scriptures

The Book of Mormon is not the primary source of Mormon doctrine, contrary to popular belief. Here is a brief overview of the most important Mormon texts and links to reading them online for free.

“Religious” Americans Are Lying to Themselves About Their Identities

America has hit a historical number in a recent Gallup poll. For the first time ever, the majority of Americans do not belong to a church, synagogue, or mosque. Only 47% are part of such a religious community. What stood out to me more than the percent of Americans who attend church was the percent…

What’s Wrong with Being Right? 5 Facts that Might Surprise You.

Is it wrong to love being right? I believe any attempt to learn and promote truth will be met in modern society with some suspicion. This post is a survey of some facts about being right that may surprise those living in a society influenced by postmodernism. These apply not only to people who love…

Why Religion is so Divisive: The Danger of Discovery

As I begin this public journey to grow in truth about religion, I and anyone who wishes to join me would do well to remember finding things out can sometimes be a “nasty dangerous business.”