Sermons and bible studies given by my friend/mentor, Jim Shaul, who has a long resume but, in brief, he was a professor of philosophy, critical reasoning, and world religions at University of Nebraska, Creighton University, and Metropolitan Community College. He has a BGS in religion (minor in history), an MA in Classical/Koine Greek (minor in Latin/Religion & Philosophy), and a JD (doctor of law). He owned and operated multiple business and was most recently a professional mediator. He’s now retired in West Virginia and has been giving this series of sermons at Hays Fork Community Church.

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Audio Archive:

[09.12.2021- Part 2/2]
[09.12.2021- Part 1/2]
[09.05.2021- Part 2/2]
[09.05.2021- Part 1/2]
[08.29.2021- Part 2/2]
[08.29.2021- Part 1/2]
[08.22.2021- Part 2/2]
[08.22.2021- Part 1/2]
Are We Disobeying God When We Worry? [An Intro to Hermeneutics]
  • The difference between what it meant to be a follower of Jesus when people were literally walking around behind Jesus and what it means to follow Jesus today.
  • The Sermon on the Mount: it was a sermon given by Jesus specifically to his disciples, but there were LOTS of people obviously listening in. So who’s this directed to?
  • Should Christians sell all their things and not give a single thought to what they wear and what they’re going to eat?
  • What is the reason Jesus gives that we’re not to worry? It’s because God takes care of his children.
Did God Make Joe Biden President?

How do Christians live in and respond to the world they live in but aren’t a part of spiritually? It’s God who puts governments and rulers in power, right? Does this mean President Joe Biden is in power because God gave him that power? If we disagree with the way our government is doing things, what should the Christian response be?

The Consummation of Empire from Thomas Cole's The Course of Empire series of paintings.
The Consummation of Empire from Thomas Cole’s The Course of Empire series of paintings.
Atheists Don’t Exist // Romans 1:15-28
Historically, when civilizations stray from God, they move towards their collapse.
Who does the Bible say is the “god of this world”? (hint: not God)
Everyone believes in God, whether they admit it or not.
Those who don’t fear God live without wisdom.
Does God give up on the unrighteous?
Should those who love God give up on unrighteous people or the unrighteous civilization in which they live?
God’s in Control [Part 2]
1 Samuel 2:6, Ephesians 2:8-10, Acts 17:24-26, Deuteronomy 32:39, Job 14:1-5, Psalm 31:14-15
What about when my family dies? What about when babies suffer?
John at Patmos, Book of Revelation
Nature of Man + Saving Revelation // Genesis 1 + Hebrews 1
What does mankind deserve from God?
What does someone need to realize/have revealed to them in order to receive salvation?
Pre-Jesus and post-Jesus examination
What does God have to say to mankind? What’s his final word?
God’s in Control // Hebrews 11:32-40
Amazing things happen to God’s people, but so do terrible things.
What is God in control of? Would we act different even if God’s control was more clear?
Solution to 3 big problems: our spirits, our sins, & our flesh
Jesus Went First // Hebrews 12
3 categories of sin // God’s plan for his individual people
Jesus doesn’t ask his followers to suffer anything he didn’t suffer first.
Understanding the Bible // Hebrews 12:1-4
Jesus is: image of God, firstborn of God, the captain and finisher of our faith
How can we know what those things mean?
God’s Promises // Hebrews 11:17-40
What are his biggest and best promises to his people? When are they fulfilled?
The Hebrew Bible compared to the New Testament
How are his promises received? What if we fail at being worthy heirs?

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