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I’m Dustin – I grapple with the gods.

I live in Nebraska with my super cool wife and super cute 2-year-old daughter. I have a BA in Philosophy with a minor in Religion. I actually ended up with a stronger passion for studying religion than for philosophy. The reason is that the consequences for false beliefs are more dire in the case of religion than they are in philosophy [e.g., no one faces eternal damnation or an unfortunate reincarnation based on whether they believe that universal properties of objects (the color red, for example) exist in actuality or in name only]. However, my love for philosophy is still strong in addition to my love of studying religion, sacred texts, argument/apologetics, ethical issues/politics, and history. I approach these topics in hunger for information and, especially, for important information that has consequences in peoples’ lives, affects the way we live, and the ways we relate to each other and to the “spiritual realm” (assuming there is such a thing). I approach people grounded in and dedicated to truth, but also in love; people ought to be treated with dignity and care no matter what, not even disagreement about fundamental beliefs changes that.

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