Please check out these Tips for the Religiously Curious. It is an interview in two parts which I hope serves as a warm and thought-provoking introduction to the mission of Name the Unknown.

We all worship something – let’s examine those things!

Whether or not we subscribe to a religion or a god, we are all always operating on some kind of worldview based on our deepest values and our beliefs about the divine. The myriad of these different values and beliefs provokes me to reason with people of all religious stripes. We ought to take the time and care to name and examine the altars in our lives and consider whether our devotion and sacrifices are in vain. After all, there are no matters in life more important than these. My hope is for people to accept things that are true, even if they seem strange, and reject the things which, even if familiar and comforting, are false.

The purpose of this blog is not to tell anyone what to think. The purpose is to share what I’ve learned, what I want to learn, and to inspire others to learn. I also want to provoke people to humbly challenge themselves and others using critical thinking. Doubt is useful, realizing where one lacks understanding is useful, but only so far as a vehicle driving one towards a destination: a conclusion (preferably the right one). So we ought to begin with the willingness to simply tag, call out, and name the things that you don’t know. Let us pursue with all our strength, with clear thinking, and an open heart the goal of truth, to worship and devote ourselves to the correct thing and to thus have the truth named and known intimately. I hope you will benefit from joining me in my mission to Name the Unknown.

The primary topic I examine is religion because it is an issue of eternal consequence. But there are many other subjects important to consider. Here is my intended scope:


  • comparisons
  • resources
  • apologetics/polemics
  • theology
  • hermeneutics/exegesis (examining/interpreting the texts)


  • science
  • arts
  • politics
  • trending


  • basics
  • critical thinking
  • resources
  • ethics


  • mostly just as it relates to the other topics

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