Are We Disobeying God When We Worry? [An Intro to Hermeneutics]

The apostle Paul commands his readers to “be anxious for nothing”. Whoa. Is that what he really means? The topic of this sermon is hermeneutics, which is a fancy word for “how to understand and apply a text”. The term is most often used in the context of the Christian Bible; however, you can apply hermeneutics to any text. There are LOTS of commands (in other words, direct instructions) in scripture. How can Christians know which commands apply to them and which don’t?

Did God Make Joe Biden President?

How do Christians live in and respond to the world they live in but aren’t a part of spiritually? It’s God who puts governments and rulers in power, right? Does this mean President Joe Biden is in power because God gave him that power? If we disagree with the way our government is doing things, what should the Christian response be?