Discussion Group

Are you interested in discussing your beliefs and your doubts about religion and related topics? 

If so, I would love for you to join us in a weekly discussion group designed for this very purpose! We are a friendly, respectful, diverse, and open-to-the-public group that meets in-person at the University of Nebraska Omaha campus with folks also tuning in live via Zoom internationally.

We meet every Wednesday at 6:30-8:00pm CST.

(Click here to see past topics.)

Aim at Truth, Humbly, Among Friends

There are always multiple different religious beliefs represented. We share with and challenge each other respectfully. It is truly a wonderful experience to participate in a group aimed at truth and conducted with graciousness towards each other. I can personally say I have gained friends through this group (and ones that strongly disagree with me on important matters no less!).

Snacks and Scholars

Sometimes there’s hot beverages and snacks!

Sometimes there are presentations from published scholars! Pictured below is a UNO Professor of Religious Studies, Dr. John Lyden, who visited to defend his position that Star Wars is a religion.

Most of the time we have folks from all over the world tune in live via Zoom! The diversity of people increases the diversity of perspectives.

We would love to have you!

Being a part of a group like this is truly a joy and represents a hope that, despite the world seeming to become a more and more uncomfortable with disagreement, there is still value in respectful dialogue aimed at airing disagreements in order to reach truth.

We believe friends can genuinely and strongly disagree on important topics. Here’s the photo evidence.

If you want to wrestle with whether certain beliefs are true or just nonsense, there’s no better place than here!

If you’re able to, we’d love to have you join in-person! Our meetings are held here*:
University of Nebraska Omaha
Community Engagement Center (CEC)
Room 116
(6400 University Dr S, Omaha, NE 68182)
Park in the lot just north of the clocktower, the CEC is just south of the clocktower.

*I will make an effort to update this webpage whenever there are changes to meeting locations or times, but the best thing to do if you’re interested in meeting in person would be to send me your email address using the contact link below to be added to the contact list in order to get group updates.

If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to contact me!

Past Topics

DateTopicPresenter/Discussion Leader
July 26thBuddhism and Christianity: Comparing Solutions to the Human ConditionDustin Pennington and Micah Dunwoody
July 19thProgressive Christianity: Perspective from Local United Methodist ChurchAssociate Pastor Maddi Baugous
July 12thGod, Free Will, Evil, and Abortion: A Smattering of Questions for an Absent FriendKyle Finley
July 5th[Open Discussion] Ended up talking about cultural appropriation and transgenderismnone
June 28thHermeneutics: Interpreting and applying a text, especially sacred texts. [Part 2]Jim Shaul
June 21stHermeneutics: Interpreting and applying a text, especially sacred texts. [Part 1]Jim Shaul
June 14thA presentation of his personal worldview (atheist)– Part 2.Willian Donlan
June 7thA presentation of his personal worldview (atheist).William Donlan
May 31stVarying Models of DemocracyDrew Giambattista
May 24thThe Problem of Noise: How can a belief in God be justified when the possible true and false indicators are so numerous?Jeremy James
May 17thFreedom of Speech [Pt. 2]: Disturbing Trends in U.S.Jim Shaul
May 10thFreedom of Speech: What is it and what good is it?Dustin Pennington
May 3rdPhilosophy of U.S. Politics + VotingDustin Pennington
April 26thEvidence: Definition, Types, and LimitationsJim Shaul
April 19thUFOs & the BibleRobin Wade
April 12thReligion & Violence: Examples of Sanctioned ViolenceMicah Dunwoody

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